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This lengthy post just can't make it to the 'About Us' section, in case it bores you guys. To give everyone a heads up, it is not a perfectly written article. Instead, what I can promise is an honest post about why Tina (who's probably pulling her hair out right now due to my poorly written English) and I started ITALIC & BOLD.

It all started in Bangkok, our favourite city. You may know by now how much we love Bangkok after reading our previous blog post but above all we really like labrador, a homegrown Thai leather label. My personal collection of labrador products started from a wallet and grew to include a notepad case and key ring. As the brand gradually diffused out of the Singapore market, Tina and I wanted to bring it back. We had a great opportunity to meet with the humble couple behind labrador and they truly inspired us with a message, "high quality reduces consumerism". Unfortunately, the cost of bringing labrador back to Singapore as a distributor was too hefty for us but it was at the very moment that the couple behind labrador left the cafe that we decided to start ITALIC & BOLD (a little dramatic I know, but it's true).

Tina and I started reflecting on things we have seen and people we have spoken to, and it all came down to the word 'DESIGNER'. To many of us, it is a fancy word that you might relate to your favourite high street label but more often than not, products that come attached with an exorbitant price tag. But what we saw was a group of individuals (often quiet) with a strong passion for doing what they love, be it crafting bags or accessories, without charging a premium for it. This is what we respect at ITALIC & BOLD and how our store came about. We wanted to pull together a group of talented individuals and labels that produce well designed, well made, and well priced goods that are accessible to the public. Everyone can now enjoy the little joys and conveniences that good designs bring and to put it simply in Tina's words: I (ITALIC & BOLD) happy, you (yes, YOU) happy, they (The Designers) happy.



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